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Learn more about the revolutionary path to well-being and optimal performance for leaders in high-demanding times

The well-being of your employees starts with yours

According to a survey by Deloitte, a significant proportion of employees and executives, about one third, are facing ongoing issues with fatigue and poor mental health. However, it seems that these struggles do not lead to increased empathy from executives towards the similar struggles of their employees, causing both of them to underperform. When a leader is struggling with their own well-being, it can be difficult for them to effectively lead and support others.It is becoming increasingly important to address issues with a holistic, systemic approach that takes into account the interconnected nature of different aspects of our inner world (our heart, brain, and mind) and the outer impact (on our relatives, the organization, and the planet). This approach is more effective than trying to address issues with isolated interventions that do not consider the larger context. Taking care of our own well-being must be the starting point.


Mind Avenue™ combines executive coaching with dynamic and personalized neurofeedback training to accelerate your long-term well-being, brain health, and optimal performance goals. 

Our approach is rooted in the core of buddhist psychology of the mind, modern science and cutting edge wellbeing technology to offer a holistic and data-driven path. Our brain data-based approach not only allows us to track and visualize your progress, but also provides an integrated and comprehensive way to improving well-being and optimal performance.











Participate in track one or walk the full path

From small steps

to big leaps


Individual Track


Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback, is a non-invasive form of neuro training that helps you improve your brain health, well-being and optimal performance by rewiring your brain.


It is like a personal training in the gym, but for your brain!


Neurofeedback training right from the comfort of your home or office. How exactly does it work?

1. We start with a qEEG brain scan with the neurofeedback hardware and the app to visualize your brain activity and customize your training protocol.

2. You start training 15 minutes a day. The headband and external electrode will pick up on your brain activity and communicate the feedback in real time.


The Training

6. Experience the benefits of a healthy brain and a happy mind. Or choose to continue optimizing your brain by focusing the training on reduction of anxiety, stress and brain fog or improve focus, memory and sleep.

3. Your mobile will use the app to translate your brain activity through continuous visual and/or auditory cues, reflecting your performance as you play a game, watch a video or listen to music

5. Over time and with consistent training, your brainwaves will self-regulate and help you reach your brain goals.

4. We will track your brainwave activity and performance on our dashboard to assess and adjust the training protocol according to the development of the brain

The Benefits

1. Reduced Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress
3. Improved Attention and Focus
5. Increased self-control and relaxation
2. Improved quality of sleep 
4. Improved Emotional Stability 
6. Deepened meditation practice

Executive coaching rooted in ancient wisdom, supported by your personal brain-data

Healthy Brains
Happy Minds



One on One Coaching

We offer neuro-Buddhism-based executive coaching to help leaders improve their well-being and lead more fulfilling lives and businesses.

Rewire your brain. Transform your mind.

Neuro-Buddhism is a cutting-edge approach to optimizing both personal and professional well-being. The approach's core is brain training and cultivating a clear, focused mind. This practice, known as "mind training" or "mental cultivation," is based on the belief that our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions have a powerful influence on our experience of the world and that by developing greater awareness and control over our mental states, we can transform distress into happiness, and find peace and fulfillment.

Some of the key benefits of executive well-being coaching include

1. Improved mental health and emotional resilience: we help to identify and address the underlying causes of stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges and develop strategies for managing these challenges more effectively.

2. Enhanced physical health and vitality: we help you to adopt healthy habits and behaviors that support your well-being and performance.

3. Greater personal and professional effectiveness: we help you to improve your focus, clarity, and decision-making skills and to manage your time and energy better to achieve your goals.

4. Increased satisfaction and happiness: By focusing on your well-being, you can experience increased satisfaction and joy in your personal and professional lives.


5. Greater impact: A well and fulfilled leader is likelier to inspire and motivate others to achieve their full potential. This can lead to more significant impact and influence for you as a leader, as well as a positive change in your organization, community, and the world


Immersive Executive

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